3 Main Types Of Web Design

Engaging a good Singapore web design company like http://www.sharkweb.com.sg will help you ensure the quality of your money-making opportunity you are setting out to achieve with your website designing.

There are basically 3 main types of website designs which most companies ask for in my many years of experience being an SEO consultant and website designer to both sole proprietors and private limited companies in Singapore.

The first most common request I get in terms of Singapore web design is the basic corporate website where it is mostly just content which is shown on the website. This is the most basic type of website which you see literally on most ‘corporate’ company profiles online. It is normally a static home page with several other common pages in the website such as contact and about us. It is simple, basic and this would cost anywhere between $500 to $5000 if you are looking for a local Singapore designer who also understands conversion marketing. Generally, those website design companies in Singapore which quote above $3000 also provide conversion marketing help and advice and integrate them into the web design. *Conversion marketing is basically the optimizing of your website design and wordings so that they will attract the largest amount of visitors onto your website, stay there and execute whatever call-to-action you have on your website such as purchase your product/service or contact you.

Secondly, is the E-Commerce, which is the Amazon, Alibaba of the world and of course, many other smaller stores. This is definitely much harder as there is need for massive servers (or scalable cloud hosting servers which is definitely the cost efficient one) for the backend information for both products on your e commerce website as well as the users’ information and password on your servers. All these websites need to have SSL and a tight security for financial reasons and so it costs anywhere between $4000 to $15000. A good one would be around $12000 to $18000.

Thirdly would be the ‘unique’ ideas such as Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube (before they became popular). There is no real comparison price for such a website because it is too unique to judge and really depends on the intensity of the website and both its front end and back end. Great websites are more than it seems from the user’s perspective – it is generally much more complicated from the webmaster and web developer’s point of view. If you intend to create such a web design for your Singapore online business, then it would definitely cost a lot more – you might even have to get your own in house Singapore website design team.

Singapore SEO Services Versus Online Freelance

With websites such as elance.com and such freelancer places popping up, why should you still choose a SEO services agency?

The reasons are simple –

1. You get to monitor that person and hold him / her liable. Despite escrow and other protection schemes online, there are no real way to stop him/her from doing ‘unethical’ linking (which is basically using shortcuts such as software to obtain massive amounts of irrelevant links or simply building links from non-quality sites) or not doing the work. However, Singapore is a small island and you will be able to take the SEO consultant in hand if required. You can also choose to drop by his/her office. Simple. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose a local Singapore SEO company.

This is also the case for web design, because if you were to do it over the Internet, the freelancer or company can take your idea and run with it if he/she likes it. (assuming it’s not a corporate website)

2. Singapore SEO consultants would not have any language barrier as well. The issue with many overseas digital marketing consultants – especially cheap ones from India are really bad at writing in proper English – so whatever content marketing that they’re performing for your SEo strategy is horrible.

3. There is no time delay between you and the consulting company in Singapore. You simply email or call them and they pick up your call nearly instantly as there is no time zone difference between your places.

4. Quality – you are able to find out their SEO methodology – rest assured, they’ll never tell you the 100% story of exactly what they do – that’s their trade secret, they have no rights to give it to you. But, you can ask them how they’re going to go about performing and improving your website’s search engine rankings.

They should generally tell you that they will focus first on on-page optimization wherever applicable, followed on by building both social signals (e.g. Google Plus, Facebook e.t.c.) as well as relevant backlinks from quality authority sites. Basically, all their efforts must be logical and not ‘trying to game the system’. Google is smarter than that – they have billions of dollars to create their search engine algorithm. The secret to SEO is not gaming the system but simply to leverage their algorithm to your advantage. Finding a SEO consultant in Singapore who deals and works with white hat ethical methods is absolutely crucial if you want to dominate your search space for your business in Singapore.

Why You Need To Engage A Top SEO Company

There are many search engine optimisation companies around the world, especially with the proliferation of freelancer platforms. However, just like not every merchant is good, not every marketing company is good.

So how then do you identify a good SEO company Singapore? Is it their credentials? Is it because they’re a Google partner i.e. Shark Web Pte Ltd? Or is it just because they say they are?

The following addresses some of these main concerns which can be confusing for the layman when it comes to choosing a SEO company singapore to help them out with marketing their business’s website to get more customers in Singapore.

Credentials – does it mean because they’ve a computer degree or engineering degree they will know how to perform SEO? SEO is one of the few skills that is never taught in any formal schools whatsoever. So don’t believe people who say ‘just because’ they have an MBA or Bachelor’s degree in marketing or computer engineering that they instantly know SEO. It takes more than formal accreditation.

However, what if they say they’re a Google partner? Does that mean they’re good at optimizing sites? Actually, that is a formal accreditation by Google for ADWORDS (Note: ADWORDS, NOT SEO). Does a general practitioner know enough to conduct a root canal surgery? No, you need a dentist for that. Which is the exact reason why Google partner is a great choice for people and businesses looking for Adwords marketing, but NOTHING to do with SEO. Don’t make that mistake just because these unethical Singapore SEO companies throw their terms around – when in actual fact, has nothing to do with search engine optimization.

Finally, make sure it’s a results based metric payment. If you are paying for a whole list of ‘things’ the company will do for you and your website, but none of them relates to getting you onto page 1 Google / Yahoo! / Bing, then it’s useless and just tech marketing fluff. Don’t be tricked by that – see past the smelly smokescreen.

There are ethical and unethical companies in Singapore, and you need to identify them quickly and sift through them using the above tips when you contact these SEO contractors or consulting companies.

Just like how you want your website design to look great and help you get sales, you need your search engine optimization strategy to work well too to get more customers! It works hand in hand with each other.

Local or Overseas SEO provider?

If you have already established your company and set up your business website, chances are that you have already received countless of emails pitching on SEO services. Most of these SEO providers who spam emails are from India. On average, I receive about 10 of their emails every month. It’s quite irritating actually.

All SEO providers in the market consistently pitch in their emails or calls that they can ensure your keywords on page 1 rankings. But, how many can be trusted? Should you engage a Singapore SEO consulting company or one that is based overseas?

For obvious legal reasons, you should choose your SEO consultant based locally in Singapore as you will be able to sue them if they fail to deliver the page 1 ranking. It will be difficult and in fact near impossible to sue those Indian companies due to the difficult enforcement of international laws and that it will be hard to find those Indian firms based thousands of miles away from your office.

Narrow your search to those local companies and make sure that they include page 1 ranking in the legal contracts and you are good to go.

However, you may argue that – hey some companies say it is technically impossible to guarantee first page rankings or something like that.

Do you really want to know why there are some SEO consultants in Singapore which ‘claim’ that? Because they don’t want to be held accountable for failure – they want to squeeze your money out your business!

This is ridiculous. Look, it is okay if you don’t get onto Google page 1 as a result of SEO services right away, but it should consistently move your website’s ranking up Google’s SERP. If it doesn’t move up, how are you supposed to get more customers? Then it’s called wasting your time and effort. It can be done, it’s just that these companies don’t want to be held accountable.

Look, if you really want results, then make sure to go with a SEO company in Singapore that at least guarantees improvements in your SERPs, otherwise you will not be seeing a positive ROI. Also, you need to understand that it takes time to see results – do not be impatient and ask why your website which is originally on page 10 is not yet on page 1 after a few days of engaging the Singapore SEO consultant.

Considerations when engaging SEO services

So you have decided to look around in the market for IT solutions companies like Shark Web Singapore that offer SEO services? What are the things that you must take note of before making your decision for something so important as search engine optimization marketing for your business especially in today’s Internet age where 88% of people search for businesses online before making their purchase decisions? As I have been in your shoes in the past, I’m sure I’m qualified to advise you on this matter. Here are some considerations that I have outlined:

1. Reputation of the company. Is the company reputable in the market? Does it have negative reputation and lots of negative comments on it posted on forums online? Find out the reputation of the company first. If the company has negative reputation, avoid choosing this SEO company. It would too dangerous to risk getting SEO services from such companies. Instead, you should make sure only to get those SEO services from Singapore companies with either good reputation or have not established their reputation yet (worth a try to see if they are really good. Will have to depend on the next few considerations).

2. Ask them about their operations. While being careful not to ask too much on their operations (as people don’t share their trade secret with you), ask them in general how they rank websites. Make sure that it is whitehat SEO and not illegal means of SEO to ensure long term good ranking of your website. You want to steer clear of people who rely on old outdated methods of ranking websites on SERPs such as blog commenting, etc. You only want to work with Singapore consultants who focus on local business (e.g. Google Plus) and getting quality backlinks which add value.

3. Ask them about their portfolio. A company with a solid portfolio has a higher probability of delivering the results for your company’s SEO versus a consultant with little or no portfolio.

4. Do they provide any form of performance metrics when it comes to their performance? Are they saying they’re doing SEO but never provide any SERP improvement metrics? Then what’s the point of getting SEO done? The whole point is to improve the rankings of your website for relevant search terms to your business nature and be found by your potential customers. It’s all ‘feel good’ and ‘useless’ if results don’t improve while you dump your money away into a useless SEO company. Make sure to find a competent consultant in Singapore before working with them. Then even if you pay thousands of dollars a month to them to help you improve your rankings you will see a ton of ROI.

Why SEO Is Important

Search engine optimization or SEO in short is the off-page and on-page optimizing of a website so that the website can be found by visitors on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! when visitors are searching for services or products offered by the company. (Though the large majority of the time when people refer to SEO, they’re only talking about Google search engine and not other small time players such as Bing)

Many times, people may not necessarily know your company, so they search for generic terms. In fact, this is the case most of the times. Let me illustrate. For example you are a dentist and your dental practice is called Mr ABC Dental. Most people don’t usually search for ‘Mr ABC Dental’ on online search engines – otherwise you would be by far the market leader ALREADY. People search instead for terms such as ‘dentist in Singapore’ and similar such terms.

This basically means that you need to optimize your dental site for terms such as the above-mentioned one. This is absolutely crucial as this is how the overwhelming majority of people find businesses on search engines online. If you don’t believe this, you’re terribly screwed and going to lose much business in this new millenium and decade.

SEO is absolutely important for you as it essentially helps you get found by your prospects. Never underestimate the importance of SEO when it comes to online marketing… especially when people who are looking for services/products you sell are considered ‘very warm prospects’ (or in other words, very qualified prospects).

So what are some SEO tips that I can give you so that you can immediately implement them into your website design and Internet marketing strategy already?

Here are some of the simplest but most effective search engine optimization tips ever.

1) Always make sure your website is mobile optimized if you want to show up highly on Google’s mobile browser. Google is placing a lot of importance on mobile-friendliness as part of a Singapore SEO marketing strategy.

2) Although less importance is supposedly placed on a website’s meta title, description and keywords, it’s still important! Always use it to describe your website and business branding accurately. This is for 2 reasons – it still affects and can improve your SEO results in Singapore and secondly, your visitors will click on your website it the meta title and description for your business sounds attractive and this clicking on your website in the SERPs will also push up your website ranking in terms of SEO.

3) Simply make sure that your website provides whatever your potential visitor will want to look for. This ensures that bounce rate is lower and that visitors spend more time interacting with your site. This is good for your potential sales as well as SERPs results in Google.

Singapore Web Design Companies

How do you find great website design agencies in Singapore when there are increasingly more private companies as well as freelancers coming up seemingly everywhere?

To add in to the confusion, everyone of them throws complicated website and html jargon at you to impress you so that you will choose them to design your website. However, are those really necessary? What are the only things that you really need to know before engaging a web design company in Singapore?

Here are some of the important tips you want to know when choosing a Singapore website design company.

i) Do they even listen to your needs and requirements before they stuff you with their technical jargon? If the freelancer or company does not even listen to what you want to incorporate inside the website, and they quickly tell you about their capabilities before even listening to you, don’t they sound like those Indian emails everyone always receive? Then what’s the point of working with a local Singapore web design company?

ii) Ask them for portfolio, this should be easy for a competent company to show you their past work. A good test for their capabilities would be to ask the designer to show you an E-commerce site they have done up as well as a normal corporate site. This shows you that they are capable of doing up a complicated site with much backend as well as a simple content site.

iii) Are they also well versed with mobile-friendly practices? Many customers look for businesses online on Google search engine, and as Google has placed a lot of importance on websites being mobile-friendly, your website designer should know how to make your website responsive as well as have it load up fast on mobile phone browsers so as to still be ranked well on search engines (otherwise known as SEO).

iv) Do they know what is conversion marketing? Conversion marketing is basically the optimizing of your website design so that you can capture as many of your visitors as possible using your call-to-action which can either be (commonly) a contact form or purchase button. As the purpose of a corporate site is to eventually increase sales (on top of managing reputation and branding), the website design company in Singapore you hire must know how to increase leads for your company too!